We can provide an independent trustee who is used to complex issues, who is team player and who will work at improving relationships between trustee board and employers but who isn’t afraid to challenge where necessary.

We’re happy to share responsibility for trustee decision making either on a permanent or temporary basis, offering personal experience and judgement often in complex transactions or under time pressure. We have in-depth knowledge of both the legal and regulatory frameworks and so are well placed to get the most out of advisers in a period of major rapid change.

Regulation, and in particular the IORP Directive, is professionalising trusteeship, but concerns around cost, an overly institutional approach or lack of familiarity with particular concerns of the scheme or the employer may deter appointments.

When appointed as a trustee or chair of trustees we seek to establish the drivers behind the decision to appoint an independent trustee. We conduct an informal review of the scheme, its history and issues, as well as familiarising ourselves with the formal terms of the trust. We meet with other board members and advisers to discuss the practical workings of the scheme and trustee board and to get an understanding of expectations and potential issues. We also seek to establish quickly a strong rapport, which is essential to make the appointment work for all parties.

With Jane Marshall Consulting what you see really is what you get. We can truly be one of the team because we are not a large organisation with interchangeable personnel. We have in-depth knowledge of all legal and regulatory frameworks, transactions, governance and disputes. We are able constructively to lead or contribute to the trustees’ response to existing problems or future issues that may test employer/trustee relationships, and to promote sound governance and member confidence. Above all, we are willing and able to take responsibility for trustee decision making.

Jane Marshall Consulting can also provide bespoke trustee training. Contact us for further details.


Managing risks in DC plans

As the global movement to DC plans continues to evolve and grow, so do the challenges. In this paper, originally written for the International IPEBLA Conference in May 2015, we determine how best to identify and manage risks in the new DC plan universe, exploring employer liability in relation to provider selection, as well as [more…]

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