Policy and regulation review

We are a specialised, independent and authoritative source of advice on a fundamental new source of risk and how to manage that risk.

Our policy and regulation review service is designed to make employers aware of the implications of policies and regulations such as the IORP Directive in relation to the increased regulation, governance and funding costs likely to be incurred.

It is delivered at all stages of the passage of the policy or regulation and is needed because often the details as well as the direction of travel will have fundamental issues for the way UK schemes are currently run.  For example the IORP Directive will increase the powers of the Pensions Regulator and add both to additional funding and less flexibility thereby increasing risk. In particular a company will need to consider the position of employees that it uses on pension scheme matters, as various provisions of the Directive are relevant to them. It is linked to any review of governance (governance issues are key to the Directive) and may in fact prompt a more general review of the scheme.

Companies may want an independent view separate from their existing consultants of the risk implications of such change. Investors – particularly overseas investors – may also want to have a big picture view of the policies underlying these changes.

Jane Marshall Consulting will report on implications and direction of travel, process and key risks. We will discuss the current set up and any particular concerns, recommend the project team (including other advisers), provide updates on progress and changes to relevant policies and regulations.

Our role on the NAPF working party which preceded first IORP Directive, published articles, past advice to overseas and response to EIOPA consultation means that we are able to leverage our knowledge on policies and regulations gained over a long period as a specialist to the benefit of our clients.

Managing risks in DC plans

As the global movement to DC plans continues to evolve and grow, so do the challenges. In this paper, originally written for the International IPEBLA Conference in May 2015, we determine how best to identify and manage risks in the new DC plan universe, exploring employer liability in relation to provider selection, as well as [more…]

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