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Managing risks in DC plans

As the global movement to DC plans continues to evolve and grow, so do the challenges. In this paper, originally written for the International IPEBLA Conference in May 2015, we determine how best to identify and manage risks in the new DC plan universe, exploring employer liability in relation to provider selection, as well as [more…]


We support the objectives identified by EIOPA as fundamental to any regulatory framework: enhanced sustainability, strong governance and full transparency. Unfortunately, the consultation scope and the assumptions underlying it (which relate to the extension of an EU regulatory framework to solvency, and the adoption and use of the holistic balance sheet) while well-presented and thorough, [more…]

Guarantee funds: Policy, politics and practice

This article is based on a workshop given by Jane Marshall and Frances Phillips Taft at the IPEBLA Rome Conference in May 2013. It explores a number of issues in connection with national pension guarantee schemes, including their potential application to defined contribution schemes, the issue of moral hazard and the future of pension protection. [more…]

Ten things to look out for in 2014

One Regulation and more regulation – the progress of European Directive IORP 2. Two The Pensions Regulator is publishing its revised code of practice and regulatory strategy and policy for defined benefit schemes later this year, including its approach to the new statutory objective. On the right track or a missed opportunity? Three Freedom and [more…]

The Pension Regulator’s next three years

The Pensions Regulator’s Corporate Plan, published in May 2014, clearly demonstrates the increasing reach of pensions regulation. As the Plan points out, the Regulator’s responsibilities have been extended since it was established in the Pensions Act 2004. In 2008, it was given the task of overseeing auto-enrolment. Recently, government has announced that it will be [more…]

Socially responsible investment

Investment is a core duty of pension trustees. The importance to the economy of the funds they control is recognised by everyone from government to the European Commission. As long-term investors, pension schemes are seen as particularly suited to investment in infrastructure and similar projects that might be regarded as socially useful. And the potential [more…]

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