Market knowledge

Our market knowledge of workplace pensions is invaluable when difficult decisions need to be made. With a wealth of experience, we offer an independent view of the issues and people involved.

We understand pensions risk and can suggest ways in which it can be managed. We know how schemes are administered. We are familiar with the policy objectives and practice of industry regulators.

We have worked with many of the people and firms – consultants, lawyers, accountants, covenant advisers, actuaries, investment houses and regulators –that you are likely to come across, and on a wide variety of public and private corporate transactions and scheme changes. There are few negotiating stances that we can’t anticipate.

We are independent in fact and spirit, giving you the information to make your own mind up.

Managing risks in DC plans

As the global movement to DC plans continues to evolve and grow, so do the challenges. In this paper, originally written for the International IPEBLA Conference in May 2015, we determine how best to identify and manage risks in the new DC plan universe, exploring employer liability in relation to provider selection, as well as [more…]

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